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Mission and Outreach we are definably guided by the vison of the church : 

Outreach is one of core value : We value people since God values them. This is the basis of our evangelistic activities and our services. We try to create a friendly environment that will allow the members to grow and the lost to find God and grow in him without undue pressure from members and leadership. We also pursue after unchurched people groups with the love of God.

Our Motto

Pursue - Win - Disciple People


Evangelism is central to Mission Outreach we endeavor to go out for outreach to the communities who need Christ . 


impact of sharing the gospel and leading others to faith in Jesus Christ.


Discipleship is an ongoing process. It includes mentoring, accountability, and intentional growth with new  belivers we have won in the mission field 

How do we do this?

Mission Week

A time when our focus sharpens, and our commitment deepens. Let us delve into the heart of our mission, touching base with the very grounds where transformation unfolds.

Partnerships are the lifeblood of our mission. In Mission Month, we strengthen these bonds. We connect with local pastors, missionaries, and organizations. Their passion fuels ours. Together, we amplify our reach

We celebrate victories and strategize for challenges. We learn from one another, sharing wisdom and resources. Our partnerships grow deeper, transcending denominations and borders.

Long Term Missions

ugunja missions

These are missions which are undertaken annually on assigned dates and have follow-up programmes  examples 

Ugunja Missions

- West Pokot Missions

- South Sudan Missions

Outreach Programmes 

ugunja missions

These are missions which are undertaken by different fellowships within the church in a certain region

- Men's Fellowship

- Ladies Fellowship

- Youth Fellowship