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In the heart of October 2023, a transformative mission unfolded in the vast expanse of South Sudan. Mark Keter, a visionary leader, extended an invitation—an invitation not merely to travel but to impact lives, to sow seeds of hope, and to ignite a flame that would burn brightly in the villages of this war-torn land.

The Call to Train New Disciples

Mark Keter’s call was clear: train new disciples. These were not mere recruits; they were torchbearers, chosen vessels to carry the Gospel to their respective home churches. The mission was twofold: equip and send. The Great Commission echoed in their hearts—the mandate to go, make disciples, and baptize in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

The Landscape of South Sudan

South Sudan—a land scarred by conflict, hunger, and displacement. Yet, amidst the chaos, pockets of hunger for truth emerged. The villages, nestled in the embrace of vast savannas and ancient baobab trees, awaited messengers of hope. Here, the soil was fertile, not only for crops but for souls.

The Training Grounds

In naliel , the training commenced. Disciples gathered—a diverse assembly of backgrounds, languages, and life experiences. They sat in classroom, their notebooks open, their hearts expectant. Evangelism team led by the overseer Dr, Rev.John  Ayieko, poured into them the word and the passion to reach to their respective communities. He shared not just knowledge but passion.

The Sending Forth

Armed with knowledge, hearts aflame, and Bibles in hand, the disciples were expected to journey to their home churches—. To preach in toposa—the languages of the heart.