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SPF Ladies Luncheon December 2023 At SPF Mission Center - Annex

The Theme of the day

Thanksgiving – Acts 2:42 – 47

At SPF, it is customary for the Fellowship of Ladies to elect a committee that serves a two-year term. After this period, a new committee is elected. During this transition, the ladies gather to warmly welcome the incoming Committee at a luncheon where they share fellowship over lunch.

Ladies Fellowship Teams 

The Ladies Fellowship comprises various teams, each consisting of members from diverse age groups and marital statuses. These teams include Abigail, Deborah, Dorcas, Elizabeth, Esther, Hannah, Lois, Lydia, Mary, Miriam, Priscilla, Ruth, and Zipporah

Our Sirikwa Pentacostal Centers 

Here is a compilation of the centers that participated.

SPF Central Ladies

Purple – SPF Central

SPF Mission Centre Ladies

White – SPF Mission Centre

Red – SPF Kapsoya

African Green – SPF Kipkaren

SPF Baharini  Ladies

White – SPF Baharini Centre

Each center is uniquely identifiable by its distinct colors.


During the congregational meeting, the ladies received a comprehensive reminder about the essential criteria governing the nomination and selection process for Committee members. The discussion emphasized the significance of these guidelines in ensuring a fair and transparent selection process. Notably, certain categories of individuals were deemed ineligible for nomination. 

Firstly, Pastors’ wives—respected and integral members of the church—were excluded from consideration. Their unique roles and responsibilities within the congregation warranted this exception. 

Secondly, Elders’ wives, who play a vital supportive role in the spiritual leadership of the church, were also ineligible. Their close association with the church’s leadership necessitated impartiality in the selection process. 

Thirdly, previous committee members—while having contributed significantly in the past—were not eligible for re-nomination. This decision aimed to encourage fresh perspectives and prevent stagnation within the committee. 

Lastly, non-registered SPF church members were excluded due to administrative reasons. The need for active membership and engagement in the church community underscored this requirement. In summary, the meeting served as a crucial platform to reinforce these guidelines, ensuring that the Committee composition reflects diversity, fairness, and the collective welfare of the congregation.