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  • Mission South Sudan: Empowering Disciples for Village Evangelism


    In the heart of October 2023, a transformative mission unfolded in the vast expanse of South Sudan. Mark Keter, a visionary leader, extended an invitation—an invitation not merely to travel but to impact lives, to sow seeds of hope, and to ignite a flame that would burn brightly in the villages of this war-torn land.

    The Call to Train New Disciples

    Mark Keter’s call was clear: train new disciples. These were not mere recruits; they were torchbearers, chosen vessels to carry the Gospel to their respective home churches. The mission was twofold: equip and send. The Great Commission echoed in their hearts—the mandate to go, make disciples, and baptize in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

    The Landscape of South Sudan

    South Sudan—a land scarred by conflict, hunger, and displacement. Yet, amidst the chaos, pockets of hunger for truth emerged. The villages, nestled in the embrace of vast savannas and ancient baobab trees, awaited messengers of hope. Here, the soil was fertile, not only for crops but for souls.

    The Training Grounds

    In naliel , the training commenced. Disciples gathered—a diverse assembly of backgrounds, languages, and life experiences. They sat in classroom, their notebooks open, their hearts expectant. Evangelism team led by the overseer Dr, Rev.John  Ayieko, poured into them the word and the passion to reach to their respective communities. He shared not just knowledge but passion.

    The Sending Forth

    Armed with knowledge, hearts aflame, and Bibles in hand, the disciples were expected to journey to their home churches—. To preach in toposa—the languages of the heart.

  • Missions and Outreach

    Mission and Outreach we are definably guided by the vison of the church : 

    Outreach is one of core value : We value people since God values them. This is the basis of our evangelistic activities and our services. We try to create a friendly environment that will allow the members to grow and the lost to find God and grow in him without undue pressure from members and leadership. We also pursue after unchurched people groups with the love of God.

    Our Motto

    Pursue - Win - Disciple People


    Evangelism is central to Mission Outreach we endeavor to go out for outreach to the communities who need Christ . 


    impact of sharing the gospel and leading others to faith in Jesus Christ.


    Discipleship is an ongoing process. It includes mentoring, accountability, and intentional growth with new  belivers we have won in the mission field 

    How do we do this?

    Mission Week

    A time when our focus sharpens, and our commitment deepens. Let us delve into the heart of our mission, touching base with the very grounds where transformation unfolds.

    Partnerships are the lifeblood of our mission. In Mission Month, we strengthen these bonds. We connect with local pastors, missionaries, and organizations. Their passion fuels ours. Together, we amplify our reach

    We celebrate victories and strategize for challenges. We learn from one another, sharing wisdom and resources. Our partnerships grow deeper, transcending denominations and borders.

    Long Term Missions

    ugunja missions

    These are missions which are undertaken annually on assigned dates and have follow-up programmes  examples 

    Ugunja Missions

    - West Pokot Missions

    - South Sudan Missions

    Outreach Programmes 

    ugunja missions

    These are missions which are undertaken by different fellowships within the church in a certain region

    - Men's Fellowship

    - Ladies Fellowship

    - Youth Fellowship

  • Ugunja Mission

    Answering the Cry: Extending Evangelism to Ugunja Village, Siaya County, Kenya

    In the heart of Siaya County, Kenya, lies the village of Ugunja—a place that once grappled with darkness and despair. It was in this very village that a transformative movement began, fueled by the unwavering commitment of the church’s mission team in partnership with Deeper Life mahinga . Their mission? To extend the reach of evangelism, bringing hope, healing, and salvation to every doorstep.

    The Genesis: July 2019

    The seeds of change were sown in July 2019. Ugunja, though picturesque, harbored deep-rooted challenges. A lack of spiritual refuge plagued the community—the absence of a church building left souls adrift. The brew dens, where despair often found solace, stood as stark reminders of brokenness. Cultural practices held sway, obscuring the light of truth. Many remained untouched by the Gospel, ensnared in cycles of sexual immorality and suffering. The specter of AIDS loomed large, claiming lives and leaving families shattered.

    The Mission Unfolds

    Undeterred by adversity, the church’s mission team embarked on their sacred journey. Armed with faith, compassion, and a burning desire to make a difference, they stepped into Ugunja. Their mission was clear: to bridge the gap between heaven and earth, to bring the Good News to every doorstep.

    • Breaking Cultural Chains: The mission team engaged with the community, dismantling cultural barriers. They celebrated diversity, weaving the vibrant threads of tradition into the fabric of faith. Slowly but surely, the grip of old customs loosened, making way for the transformative power of Christ.
    • Healing and Hope: The Gospel flowed like a healing balm. Families torn apart by disease found solace in the promise of eternal life. The mission team stood by the sick, praying for restoration. AIDS, once a silent specter, now faced fierce resistance. Hope blossomed anew.
    • Empowering Lives: Education, vocational training, and mentorship became their tools. The mission team empowered the youth, equipping them to break free from cycles of poverty and despair. Dreams took flight, and futures brightened.

    2021: A Pandemic Pivot

    As the world grappled with the pandemic, the mission persisted. The month shifted to November, yet the flame of evangelism burned undiminished. Virtual services bridged physical gaps, and prayer transcended boundaries. The church adapted, but its purpose remained unaltered: to be a lighthouse, guiding lost souls to the shores of grace.

    2022 and Beyond

    In 2022, July reclaimed its significance. The mission team recommitted to their calling. Ugunja, now transformed, stood as a testament to unwavering faith. The brew dens were silenced, replaced by hymns of praise. Culture, once a stumbling block, now danced in harmony with truth. Lives were redeemed, and death lost its sting. And so, the cry echoed across Ugunja—a cry of redemption, revival, and relentless love. The church’s mission team, fueled by the Spirit, pressed forward. Their legacy? A village reborn, a people transformed, and a Savior exalted.