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It was started in 1990 by “Auntie” Millie Reiman and Rachel Karei, who was the 1st Chairlady. 

The Ministry serves ladies and by extension the Men of the congregation as well. The Term ‘Lady’ is one of respect. It was once used to describe only Women of High Class or Social Status. In the Kenyan Context, it refers to any adult woman who is 18 years and above. To this end, the Ministry doesn’t cap the upper ceiling; it is infinite. The term implies a woman who is caring, pleasant and of good manners and as such the ultimate goal of the Ladies Ministry is to mould such a lady for Service in the Body of Christ.

The core programme is a monthly meeting which addresses a variety of topics some of which are suggested by the ladies themselves. Speakers are drawn from the Ladies of the church and occasionally invitees from other congregations. The church Pastors also speak.

Other activities in which the Ladies Fellowship play active roles are in Wedding receptions, cases of bereavement of members and their immediate family and visitations. The Ladies Fellowship also endevour to undertake a special project annually.

The group is a broad-spectrum one with special interest sub groups falling into: Single Ladies, Single Mothers and Widows. These occasionally have their own meetings during which they address issues specific to themselves.

There are also teams that take names from prominent women in the Bible. These teams have membership drawn from all ages and marital status.

The Leadership structure has nine Ladies:

1.     Chair Lady

4.  Treasurer

7.  Single’s Representative

2.     Vice Chair Lady

5.  Platform

8.  Hospitality

3.     Secretary

6.  Special Member

9.  Representative of Pastor’s Wives


They serve a term of two calendar years running all the Ladies Programmes and managing the Ladies Kitty which is a monthly subscription. Overall, there is a church elder to which the Committee of the Ladies Fellowship are answerable to with regard to the church hierarchy.

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