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Sirikwa Pentecostal Fellowship: Empowered to Serve

Sirikwa Pentecostal Fellowship (SPF), a vibrant community of believers, has left an indelible mark on Eldoret town. With strategic foresight, SPF has established five distinct centers/branches across the town, each serving as a beacon of hope and spiritual nourishment.


Mother Church

Central, like a nurturing mother, cradles the congregation. It is the heartbeat of SPF—a place where generations converge. Here, foundational teachings flow, and spiritual lineage is passed down.

Started in 1984


Mission Centre

Masters Chamber's 

The Mission Centre embodies SPF's outward focus. Positioned strategically, it serves as a launching pad for outreach endeavors. From here, mission teams venture into neighboring villages, carrying the Gospel's flame to the unreached. It is the Master's chamber, where His commission echoes.

Planted in 2005


Baharini Center

Church by the Living Waters

Nestled in the heart of Eldoret, the Baharini Center radiates warmth and inclusivity. Here, congregants gather to worship, learn, and fellowship. The name “Baharini” evokes a sense of openness—a place where weary souls find rest.

Planted in 2011 

Kapsoya Center

Church on the Hill

The Kapsoya Center stands as a spiritual refuge atop a hill. Its elevated location mirrors its purpose—to be a place of elevation, where hearts ascend in worship. Here, the air is crisp, and prayers rise like incense.

Planted in 

Kipkaren Center

Church on the Rock

Kipkaren, with its rugged terrain, provides the backdrop for SPF's fifth center. Perched on solid ground, the Kipkaren Center symbolizes unwavering faith. It stands firm, unshaken by life's storms—a rock of refuge.

Planted in 2015


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